F1 – GP Abu Dhabi: The analysis of the qualifications of Gian Carlo Minardi

Minardi.jpg'Celebrate the Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel on pole for the last race of the season on the track in Abu Dhabi, but also celebrates the third time thanks to Ferrari Fernando Alonso makes a first important step to winning his third world.

Only Mark Webber fifth instead that tomorrow will have to deal with two other players uncomfortable, Jenson Button (fourth) and Lewis Hamilton (less than one second from pole man Vettel dec). In the third row, however, will start alongside Australian Felipe Massa who will try to help out his teammate taking away important points to Red Bull driver.
Although it takes a miracle Hamilton and McLaren will sell life dearly tomorrow, because at stake is the second in the constructors’ championship, as stated in the same Gian Carlo Minardi requested by our microphones to comment this exciting final of the championship. “The two McLaren drivers will be the arbiters of this championship, because we must not forget that there is still dancing in second place in the constructors’ championship. We had a thrilling qualifying. Fernando Alonso has put together a fantastic lap, going to put an important part. On the final I might have come out slightly before trying to complete two laps. Last step has made the rounds of death (as we say in slang) put much of his talent. Then as we know the races are unpredictable and end up only on the last lap. Everything is still to be written. Certainly he and Webber have Jenson Button is very important. The British driver was extremely competitive and I hope that Felipe Massa can make a good start. Once again, Red Bull has been shown to have in our hands the better car, although the Spaniard has proved to be equal to the situation and if he wins will certainly not be a scandal. “Analyze Gian Carlo Minardi
“It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow afternoon at the ready approach, and the strategy adopted by the Horner’s team to overtake the Spaniard. Tomorrow will be the third day of the race and then the track will be even more rubber. This will give us some surprises. At this point, Fernando will have to cope alone with himself still on the roadmap that had already outlined some great prize ago, aiming for the podium regularly. Start with a slight advantage, having two drivers in front of them irrelevant (except special events) for the final result, “says the former manufacturer of Faenza.
We are moving to live the last grand prix of the season hot and always on the cutting edge race with four riders still battling for the championship, where reliability and degradation of tires will be decisive “We arrived at the last meeting, not easy on a circuit that can cause problems with tires. We must monitor the reliability on the track because there are engines with many miles behind. In recent events has happened a bit ‘of everything and will have the chance to help. Earlier this year we could only hope for a final like this, with four pretenders to the throne in the future will continue to sell life dearly. Even today there are four drivers a few cents. A applaud once again the Williams that led Barrichello in the top ten in front of two Mercedes, a growth. Missing only for the first time that Kubica has been excluded from the final phase. “