We have come to the final three grands prix and, unlike what happened in the recent past, Bahrain will host two rounds in the space of ten days but on two very different configurations of the track.

This weekend will be run on the standard 5,412m long configuration, while the very fast outer circuit will host the penultimate round with a lap time of about a minute. Among other things the second will be run at night with a temperature difference of a number of degrees between qualifying and the race.

Despite the two titles, the constructors’ and drivers’, having been assigned, the challenge behind Mercedes is still alive, with a nice fight for third place which Ferrari can also aspire to. Of course for the men of Maranello this challenge will not be easy to win but would remain a good finish considering the conditions at the start of the season. It is essential that both drivers finish in the points.

In these rounds we will also have a “taste” of 2021 with Pirelli bringing the new compounds for free practice 2. Major, and just as worrying, news has come from England in light of the new season since Mercedes was already able to recover the aerodynamic load despite the limitations on the pan and the rear diffuser forced by the regulations which would cost 10% of downforce, as well as being able to count on 20 horsepower more.

It really seems that this Mercedes does not want to leave anything to the rivals, even if I hope for a change in view of 2022 with the upheaval of the regulations. More than anything else I would like to see greater competiveness between the teams, rather than such a one sided domination.

Its President Ola Källenius is in a tug of war with Hamilton for his renewal, which will undoubtedly come soon. Mercedes is in favour of the budget cap and therefore Lewis must accept the financial offer, even if an improbable non renewal would give life to an earthquake amongst the major driving places, especially amongst those powered by Mercedes.

Formula 2 is also back this weekend with Mick Schumacher currently in the lead with 191 points ahead of Ilott (169), ready to win the world title. Despite the incredible health emergency Motorsport knew how to react giving us very good races on new tracks that have left a positive sign.

Gian Carlo Minardi