F1 | GP Bahrain – SCORECARDS

Nico Rosberg – 9. Second seasonal winning and perfect score. Once again, he did better than his team-mate at the start and handled the race very well. Surely, he was helped by an impeccable Mercedes that outperforms the first of its chasers with a gap of 0,8”.

Kimi Raikkonen – 8 like in the last season he made a great race, without any mistakes, bringing Ferrari to the second place. In qualifying, anyway, he can’t get Vettel concerned.

Stoffel Vandoorne – 8 an amazing debut for the substitute for Fernando Alonso called back in Japan at the last minute. He didn’t any mistake. Perhaps, we should give more chances to these young drivers. I continue to be a supporter to free practice open to rookies on Friday.

Lewis Hamilton – 7,5 he has frustrated a pole position for the second consecutive time because of a faulty start. At the first bend, he was in the middle of the group where Bottas did the rest. Anyway, in spite of a defective strategy, he gained the third position.

Max Verstappen -7,5 once again he delighted us with excellent overtakings, particularly to the detriment of Felipe Massa and Daniil Kvyat bringing his Toro Rosso in sixth.

Daniel Ricciardo – 7,5 he can’t do more with this engine, but he reached the third place in the Drivers World Championship, dragging his Red Bull behind Mercedes and Ferrari.

Pascal Wehrlein – 7, he is building his Formula 1 future very well. He was great in qualifying (P16 with the little Manor) and didn’t save any energy during the race, ending ahead of Sauber and Force India.

Romain Grosjean -7 an excellent seasonal start for the French driver that brings his Haas in fifth, behind the two Mercedes, a Ferrari, and a Red Bull. Surely, next days, the performance of the American team will make us discuss. They are changing the definition of “Constructors” because their car is a Ferrari clone.

Carlos Sainz -6,5 the start was good, but once again he was very unlucky also because of Bottas.

Valtteri Bottas and Sergio Perez – 4 definitely a bad day for the Williams and Force India standard-bearers. They did their best to ruin their race and that of their team-mates.

The Race Direction – 4 we are talking so much about security, but then when cars lose some pieces on the track they aren’t even called to pits.