F1 | Gp Bahrain – THE POINT

We watched an interesting and animated Grand Prix. It was rich in overtaking thanks to the strategies and choices made by the teams. From this point of view, Williams has been catastrophic. Once again, the race was marked by unreliability at Ferrari that forced Vettel to park his SF16-H during the parade lap. The race was also marked by a new mistake done by Hamilton at the start that has frustrated his amazing pole position. Second victory for Nico Rosberg who achieves five consecutive wins (three of which in 2015) and sixteen seals in his career. This perfect scoring in the World Drivers’ Championship launches him powerfully into the World Championship.

Ferrari consoles itself with the second place of Kimi Raikkonen, but has to look over its shoulder because of Red Bull: Ricciardo is now third in the drivers’ standings, ahead Raikkonen and Vettel (in sixth with 15 points). We experienced the excessive power of Mercedes one more time. Despite their mistakes, also strategic ones, Hamilton ended in third after having tried to mount the Medium tires and after his contact with Bottas at the start.

Next days, Grosjean’s fifth place with his Haas will make discuss. Considering the substantial resources invested for making the frames, Williams, Toro Rosso, Red Bull, and Force India will hardly swallow this new format launched by the American group, which is going to redraft the definition of Constructor. If you exclude the nose and few other components, it is a Ferrari clone. They are rather assemblers. It has been undertaken a dangerous road.

I must congratulate Vandoorne entirely. At his debut, he brought to McLaren the first seasonal points, making a real wonder. Recalled from Japan and catapulted into the car without any tests, he gained the top-10 without doing any mistakes. Given the results of his prize list, there was no doubt about his quality as a sprinter. It’s a pity that teams aren’t obligated to let racing these young drivers on Friday morning, letting them the chance to show off and not just to hope lucky circumstances for putting themselves to the test.

Before concluding, I’d like to highlight what left me puzzled. We always talk about more security, and Halo, the device for the driver’s head protection, made its debut during Barcelona testing days. In Bahrain, the Commissioners didn’t reprimand cars loosing pieces on the track. In our Italian Championship weekends, Commissioners oblige drivers to pit to repair their car. Here no one has said anything.

In fifteen days, everyone in China.