F1 | Gp Belgium, THE POINT by Gian Carlo MINARDI “Extraordinary job by Ferrari”

Ferrari broke its fast and won its first grand prix for the season by dominating the stage in Belgium on the demanding Spa-Francorchamps track thanks to a super performance by Charles Leclerc.

The driver from Monaco drew the perfect weekend with pole position and the win to become the youngest driver to triumph at the wheel of a Ferrari and to win the Belgian Grand Prix, taking the record away from Michael Schumacher.

The win was also the result of an extraordinary strategy by Ferrari’s people on the wall who guessed all the moves and managed to hold back the final come back by Lewis Hamilton. At this time we saw Ferrari’s problems that they managed to stem on a very track. We hope that this win could be a good omen in light of the Italian Grand Prix scheduled for only a week’s time. Remaining on the Italian colours, I am sorry for Antonio Giovinazzi who, only two laps from the chequered flag, wiped out the excellent work and lost precious points for both him and the team.

A great weekend ended that was just a tragic due to the premature death of Hubert, a young man who, having attended at our championships, I had the chance to see directly in action on the track. Unfortunately, these episodes remind us how dangerous and also unpredictable our sport is. We must continue to work on safety, even if it will be impossible to eliminate the risks.

Gian Carlo Minardi