F1 – GP Belgium: The POINT…. by Gian Carlo Minardi

win.jpg'The circle around the drivers from here until the end will fight for the world is increasingly estringe and Lewis Hamilton, thanks to his technical qualities, is certainly among the favorites. It is under these conditions that we see the real champions.

Sunday has become the protagonist of a fantastic race without any major mistakes, except along the final might cost him dear, unlike his opponents: Mark Webber has been very slow at the start, Kubica in his pit stop, but the team scored maximum but only with Felipe Massa. Alonso, who had compromised his race with the tenth time in qualifying, was attempting a comeback and innocent was KO’d by Barrichello. On that occasion was made to enter the safety car and I really do not understand why and I did not see the need.
Weekend in tone, so for the red and the “final seven” were defined as the last Grand Prix from Fernando Alonso, this is certainly coming to miss. Except the first day, were always in trouble, although the Spaniard was trying a nice comeback, completing every lap out of bounds. When you run in these conditions is very easy to run into an error. I think he did very well to take this risk, because in his condition classification two points more or less does not make a difference. But now there are only six more appointments, hoping that the Korean race being sailed. Spend more races and more difficult to bridge the gap, although we have seen that it is extremely easy to write a zero in the box. Until now Webber has made only one during the European Grand Prix, Hamilton and Alonso in Hungary has already approaching three.
Red Bull’s Mark Webber in the house managed to get a good margin ahead of Vettel and now it will be interesting to see what will decide the team, also according to commercial interests, where a young Sebastian is certainly an advantage as an “old”. I hope we do not throw in the air a championship though, selfishly speaking, would be all for the benefit of the show. With a better start Webber could better fight for the victory and now five points could make more comfortable.
Sebastian Vettel is now under pressure and just when he had the opportunity to climb in the standings his teammate erred important. The podium was then completed by Kubica and Renault probably would never have expected this kind of result. They made a qualification beyond their expectations with the Polish man in the race has been able to exploit the potential of the car very well, only drawback of the day, the error in the pits that made him lose precious seconds and second place .
I was very pleased at the aggressiveness of the race and Nico Rosberg who has become the protagonist of a correct and decisive move on Michael Schumacher, who had tried once again to close the door. Nico has once again proven, with the same mechanical means, to be faster than his companion, that he deserves a place among the best and a top team may prove even better his skills.
Now we get really hot in the league where even the lucky, with a reliable, will play a key role. The same Hamilton at Spa has made a small mistake, fortunately only touching the barriers. Now we’re going to Monza, where once again be emphasized, the performance of the cars. Just the Grand Prix of Italy begins to be, if not the last resort, at least the penultimate chance for Ferrari groped a link to the first two, which can have a good lead. Then there will be a trip to Singapore, where it will be very difficult to take away points to Red Bull.