F1 – GP Valencia: Gian Carlo Minardi point

red_bull.jpg'More controversy emotions in Valencia for the return of Formula 1 in Europe. Apart from the spectacular crash between Webber and Kovalainen is not nothing happened. As we have seen in previous editions of the track in Valencia does not allow any overtaking.

The incident is to interpret, because I think the Lotus team should notify the arrival of the Australian rider, mainly because they were slower than three seconds and was therefore unnecessary barriers and closing trajectories. Certainly there has been rushing from both sides and, as had already happened in Canada with the dubbing of Trulli by Alonso, but this time the team has not announced its pilot the arrival of Red Bull.
Since then I have changed the destiny of the race, because the safety car came out too late and the procedures used were not correct. The penalties imposed were too light to pilots, to the seriousness committed. I think in certain circumstances there should be more severe in combination with increased professionalism. Hamilton made a mistake, but more serious was the delay in the stewards decided to impose the penalty. You can not use 15 rounds to make a decision. If the passage at reduced speed in the pitlane had occurred within a few rounds from the episode by now we’d commented another Grand Prix, as the English would lose several positions. In this case, therefore, the penalty was not at the level of the irregularity.
This type of track and this race shall not be used as a yardstick for comment on the performance of the Prancing Horse as the same Kobayashi has been the cap for the entire race. Conversely qualifying Alonso came close, gaining something, but is still not enough to close the circle. We must also consider the opponents are certainly watching and then the step of Ferrari is looking with confidence. To retrieve the current season is never easy, especially when there are no tests. Usually the Maranello team is very skilled in this respect, even if at this moment is making effort. Before the safety car were in third and fourth position and at the moment, these are their positions, as shown by the qualifying result.
The grid represents the true values in the field. Red Bull still ahead of McLaren, Ferrari forced a chase. I think this is the future in the coming races. Pleased to welcome the fourth place of Rubens Barrichello and Williams, who was already successful in qualifying to enter the top ten, completing a great race. Over the past few races has made giant steps: knowing your budget and the engine is making e good season.
It is pleasing to find the points in the Sauber was able to adopt a strategy in this type of circuit is charged. Kobayashi was certainly very good because it is not easy to drive for 90% of the race with the same tires, even if this places more emphasis on how difficult it is to surpass that of Valencia. Race is not perfect but good for Toro Rosso, which confirms its presence in the important area of the table.
Inexplicable but the provision of Mercedes house, especially the strategy developed by Michael Schumacher on the track. I think the Germans have tried all the cards to find the recovery thing that never occurred to him even for unfavorable circumstances such as changing tires and the input of the safety car.
Finally, the formula one finds in many years an Italian manufacturer, Pirelli, although certainly not easy to reconstruct, and how technology is used to follow F1. But certainly if they have decided to take this up with the consent of the team will have all the cards in order. Now the team will have all the information to continue design and development of cars for 2011. So we will see who is better at adapting to these new tires.