F1 | Gp Italy, THE POINT by Minardi “After Belgium I expected closer gaps. The race was framed by a fantastic crowd”

Mercedes totally dominated the Italian Grand Prix, but the number one winner was the public composed of fans and enthusiasts who came in droves and filled the circuit on all three days. Especially on Saturday which was truly long and cold, with a race direction that was not impeccable in its communications. Luckily it finished in the best of fashion with the running of the qualifying session. The public showed its love for F1, the Italian Grand Prix at Monza and towards a Ferrari which must still grow up some more.

From the beginning of free practice on Friday it became clear that Mercedes would have been serious and the gaps inflicted on its rivals in today’s race tell us much of the overwhelming power available for Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.

Frankly, after the results of Spa-Francorchamps I expected a less pronounced gap. The thirty six second gap from the winner suffered by Vettel was a sour note for the continuation of the world championship. Clearly it is not yet over, in fact there are still many races before the end, but today’s double will make Mercedes rejoice twice as much in the light of the rounds that will be less favourable for it.

What worries me is Red Bull’s rebirth supported by a highly encouraging Daniel Ricciardo who stamped the fastest lap of the race. Verstappen’s impetuousness played against the Dutchman who, after an excellent start, could have raced for the podium.

We had the latest disappointment from McLaren (even though there was not much hope for it due to the characteristics of Monza), whereas Williams managed to obtain important points in the light of the world championship ladder as it tries to reach fifth place (at Toro Rosso’s expense) thanks to a great race by the very young Stroll who finished in front of Massa.

Now we can only wait for Singapore. Over the next few days I will describe to you the emotions and the impressions I gathered directly at Monza.

Gian Carlo Minardi