F1 | Ocon-Perez, Minardi “FIA must intervene”

The grand prix at Silverstone saw the latest chapter in the heated struggle within the Force India team between Esteban Ocon and Sergio Perez. The key incident occurred in the thirtieth lap on the very fast section of the track that leads into the Eau Rouge-Raidillon when the Mexican driver touched the anterior left wing of his team mate’s car with the rear right of his car reducing it to bits and puncturing his own tyre.

The contact forced the Race director to put the Safety-car on the track to give the marshals the chance to remove the pieces from a very dangerous part of the track.

“Luckily the two drivers were able to return to the pits and nobody was hurt, but we have reached the point that FIA must intervene in a decisive manner in regards to the two drivers to put an end to the struggle between them before someone is hurt” commented firmly Gian Carlo Minardi.
“It is not the first time that Ocon and Perez have touched and Force India is showing that it is unable to manage the rapport between its drivers. Today it went very well, but it could have put in danger the other drivers or also the public,” concluded the Manager from Faenza, “What we saw went well beyond an on track battle between the two drivers.”

The latest contact cost the Silverstone based team a number of points, finishing the weekend only in ninth place and with two points, even though its fourth place in the Constructors’ championship is still firm.