F1 – GP Italy: THE POINT….. of Gian Carlo Minardi

win.jpg'With the Grand Prix of Italy Ferrari got all his fans rushed to circuit (where they exceeded the 120,000 in attendance all weekend) a better reaction. The men in red have made the best strategy, though it remains to regret the departure of Alonso in slow motion.

The world has reopened thanks to the error of Lewis Hamilton and Webber are not perfect weekend to be returned five riders who can play the title. Now we still have five rounds and two of these should be at least on paper, support the team from Maranello. It will be very important to win a regular place on the podium. As I pointed out in previous appointments luck is a very important component in this world, although you need help because English home McLaren made a mistake trying to pass very important where there was space. In turn, Felipe Massa was lucky not to bring any damage to his car.
Another departure is not perfect by Mark Webber at the ready-off has lost several positions. Just for the Red Bull race came from me smile when I saw the overtaking Australian against his companion, especially remembering the harsh words used by Chris Horner on team games. Staying at home RB, Sebastian Vettel during the whole race with the soft tires, but now can no longer define themselves. Bridgestone, for not doing a bad impression, is bringing to the track two compounds very similar in features, because if we go back in time the soft tires would not last so long, while maintaining good performance. In the final laps clocked his best time and this means that the tires were still performing.
In the second tier team Nico Rosberg has confirmed its leadership against his teammate in the Mercedes. Thanks to this precious fifth German holds open the fight with Felipe Massa for sixth place in the standings, although I think the Ferrari will not make it difficult to defend its position. Renault at Monza was a bit disappointed ‘expectations. Kubica complained often. Nico Hulkenberg rather surprising that, despite its less powerful engine has the Williams lot, managed to defend its position. The excellent growth of the English team is also shown by the tenth of Barrichello.
In fifteen days the F1 circus will move to that of Singapore for the event at night. For the characteristics of this track I see a Red Bull favorite Ferrari and McLaren. It will be interesting to see who among the two teams will make more points to stay in the slipstream of the travel world. But we must also consider the possible errors that Vettel and Webber will make, not counting the inputs of the safety car on this track that traditionally plays a very important role, and possible a maverick.
Look around, in addition to Formula 1, the Italian meeting smiled especially the tricolor: GP2 Rapax the Italian team won the title with the Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado, a driver very fast alternating good performances with major errors. At Monza he did not see the checkered flag in the two races. I see a future for him in the top flight, also with support from a sponsor is very important. When he was 18 he was able to try the Minardi at that time had already shown his talent. In GP3 instead Mirko Bortolotti closed the season with a sixth and second place.
Before leaving a final comment that I’m not sure pleasure at this time we read that Nick Heidfeld tester Pirelli has signed a contract to race the last five races with the Sauber team, replacing Pedro De La Rosa … I do not think something very good, but this is part of F1!
Gian Carlo Mianrdi