F1 – GP SINGAPORE: THE POINT…. of Gian Carlo Minardi

win.jpg' Ferrari on the track in Singapore, as it did in Monza, he has worked very well guessed technical moves, aided by a big booty Fernando Alonso who made full with pole position, fastest lap and victory.

Did not commit any mistakes despite the pressure of a talented Sebastian Vettel, who certainly do need to be applauded. For all the 61 laps remained attached to the waste of Ferrari coming from under the checkered flag two-tenths. It ‘been a GP over the limit, which erased the first part boring. In the final phase Kubica has become the protagonists of many passes, after a tire change that seemed to have completely compromised his weekend. E ‘was rather a smart move and the Pole has been very good to recover the ground lost.
Alonso and Vettel kept us live up to the end, completing the last rounds in record time. The strength of Spanish is also underscored by the undertone of race Felipe Massa, although since the last position. This result is certainly a good omen for the end of the season, hoping that the Grand Prix of Korea remains on the calendar. At this point we need all the races to bring home the title dedicated to the pilots. On the manufacturers believe that the Ferrari is cut out: even if the math does not even condemn them, it will be very difficult undertaking.
In contrast, Lewis Hamilton set the second zero row, which at this point in the championship is very heavy, even if it remains in full battle for the title. Just about the incident Hamilton-Webber has not been used the same meter. Beyond his impetuosity, Hamilton was clearly in front of the Australian, which would slow down. In my humble opinion there was a small penalty against the Red Bull driver.
In this regard, the commissioners seemed to me far less severe than in other circumstances. There is all that matters is being used more and get the same yardstick. Yesterday, the luck was on the side of Mark, and because it has been damaged by the contact, and for having avoided a possible shift in the pit lane. Just Webber had tried a risky strategy to try to stay close to two in front, but in the end did not pay.
Among the “fantastic five” Jenson Button is the one that has suffered most in this race. English is a regularity, as evidenced by his seventh time in the race, far removed from the first. Obviously, we McLaren gave something to his opponents, and only the talent of Hamilton managed to get a piece.
Now we go to Japan with a Ferrari confident and rebuilt twice after that. Right now have this charge is important because it allows you to draw perfect flawless races, as did Fernando. With Alonso in these conditions are moderately optimistic, although the reliability and bad luck will play an important role.
In these terms, the Ferrari driver has already given during the season. Saturday qualifying was more than perfect, caressing the walls. Do not forget, however, that Ferrari has used the maximum number of eligible new engines – eight – but we must see how far they have actually driven some units. The engines of today, are designed and manufactured to cover a large number of miles.
A mention also deserve Nico Hulkenberg. Beyond the penalty, which I consider too severe, I think the German is one of the revelations of this season, along with his team. Two Williams in the top ten is a remarkable achievement. Barrichello fought with a knife between his teeth when he was behind Webber, losing precious seconds to Australia.
In fifteen days, we expect the race in Suzuka, on a path with a guard rail near and true way to escape the old. When it comes to driving, the true champions come out of hiding. We are facing a tough final season with four drivers contained in 21 points. I think at this point is cut off Button.
Attention will also see how the games will evolve in the home team Red Bull: the provision of service to Vettel (relative to the overheating of the brakes) so it seemed a coded message in that, beyond the telemetry, the pilot is the first to realize if the brakes to lose performance, especially on a track so severe such as Singapore, and not the other way. Evidently there was a time when the wall he thought for a moment whether to take second position, the championship leader.
Gian Carlo Minardi