F1 – GP Korea: THE POINT…of Gian Carlo Minardi

win.jpg'As already happened in other occasions, including at Yeongam the weather has created uncertainty, moving the course of the Grand Prix. The oil that oozed from the new road surface and especially the arrival of the tornado, which has delayed the start (forcing the pilots to compete in low light) has helped to give us a run full of emotions, accidents and errors such as Mark Webber, which affected not only his weekend and his ranking but also the course of a Rosberg, who was catching up with great determination and speed, and Lewis Hamilton at the restart after the safety car returned to the pits.

And ‘no doubt that we have seen a great Fernando Alonso for his consistency and continuity. He never lifted his right foot completely from always going to attack, bringing the first error and then exasperation Hamilton Sebastian Vettel. Just the little German home Red Bull, the first round to break the engine, he clocked the fastest lap in the race. He was put under pressure by a lap after lap Alonso was approaching. Under these conditions, the Spaniard can certainly make a difference and Korea has demonstrated once again.
Based on the successful Red Bull should be a consideration, because with a strategy team today Webber is still leading the championship, or at least not lag behind by 11 points with only two more races on the calendar where, in theory, Ferrari should be promoted in Brazil and Red Bull in Abu Dhabi. Then of course can come into play several variables, such as broken or bad luck. At first it was the turn of Ferrari, Hamilton and outputs in the last two Sundays at Red Bull. It ‘s a spinning wheel and over the World Cup so long in the end the bill is paid by all. All components (engines, gearboxes, etc.) have been drawn to the whip and in the last two races we’ll see who has done better work. Precisely for this reason I find the crazy strategy of Red Bull, who now find themselves forced and chase with both drivers.
Ferrari and Red Bull, however, we must certainly not forget that McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton is proving true arbiter of this World. It is not out of the running and this will in any event the maximum. The second place it also raises questions whether perhaps it is slightly difficult than the competition. Certainly not giving up and this could favor one or the other pilot in combat. Mathematically, even his team-mate Jenson Button, still fighting for the championship but I think it’s talking about sporting cut off. Also Sunday we saw him in big trouble, making mistakes. Only the mistakes of others continue to hold the wake, but I see in him an antagonist. Massa needs to do instead of the guardian angel of Fernando trying to bring home as many points as possible, even if Korea did not have the pace of Hamilton. The double zero reopen part of the fight for the constructors’ championship, although it will be very difficult for Ferrari.
Among the second tier of teams must be recognized in an award for his perseverance Liuzzi, while Michael Schumacher’s fourth place is due more to other people’s mistakes and misfortune of his teammate, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Rosberg was running really strong. With that step could also go to undermine the leadership of the race. Every time I am surprised with the work of Williams, who has a motor “private” and is without support of a car. Is carrying out a great championship wrestling team on an equal footing with the most noble in terms of both budget and as a motor.
Now we are all waiting anxiously to see what will happen in Brazil. Sunday afternoon will be a high voltage. They were really so many years that we will not see a championship fight and so uncertain. I think it was really guessed the scoring system. By Fernando Alonso fan I hope that Brazil can continue this streak of results. He himself had said it would be important to go to the podium with regularity in recent races to keep open the global discourse. I would say that is keeping expectations. Ferrari has had the same reaction and the crazy Korean success is moral.