F.1 – Gian Carlo Minardi "Webber, a driver underestimated the F1

Minardi.jpg'This reduces the races and the points to be won, but not the pretenders to the throne. The schedule has only three more white cells and 75 points up for grabs, but the drivers vying for the bay continue to be 5: two Red Bull, a Ferrari and two McLarens. Australian Webber leads the group even if the points ahead of Fernando Alonso, who opened the quartet of the pursuers, was reduced to “only” 14 points, also causes the internal struggle with Sebastian Vettel in the last two appointments he stole the mate 7 points.

He could not come at a better time then the first grand prize in Korea. The brand new but still incomplete circuit Yeongam will be no man’s land, since all teams and riders will depart from the same level. For all this will be a completely new track and waiting to be discovered, with the drawbacks of the case, as the dust on the track.
Waiting to see what will give us the Korea, we went to Faenza to talk with someone who has changed my life (sports speaking) and the career of the leader of the world, bringing debut in 2002: Gian Carlo Minardi can see that this year climb the leaderboard two of the many pilots who launched the great circus of Formula 1.
“Mark Webber has always been a very fast driver in all conditions. In recent years he has worked hard to shed those excess pounds without compromising your muscle mass, “said Gian Carlo Minardi,” It ‘s a complete driver who had the misfortune to arrive in the world at an age too advanced, on average. E ‘without any doubt one of the top four drivers in the world. I think the Aussie has been underestimated by the whole environment. It ‘s a pilot who made the mess, starting with me at Minardi, but each time running with the team that did not have the budgets needed to fight in the top positions. The ugly incident at the end of 2008, which occurred while he was preparing the new season, has affected all of its 2009 making it stay in the shadows of his new teammate. This year though, after having fully recovered, is putting in serious difficulty Sebastian Vettel. I think you deserve to win the title, although it should make the final leap to be a complete sample. Precisely for this reason not very much agree with the strategy implementation of Red Bull, leaving free the two drivers. Suzuka between Singapore and Webber has lost as many as 7 points over Alonso. Now the point lead could even be 21 (almost a grand prize), “concluded Minardi.