F1 – GP Malesia … by Gian Carlo Minardi

sepang.jpg' SEPANG – The Grand Prix in Sepang has given us a great show, also helped by the weather conditions, highlighting strengths and limitations of drivers and teams. A great Fernando Alonso who must also accompany the compliments to the Ferrari that has so often been criticized for poor choices. This time the work of the wall has been excellent. Perfect strategy and perfect the work of mechanics. This happened to be a stimulus to continue to work to smooth the gup with McLaren and Red Bull.

The qualifying result has reflected the values ​​that have already emerged in Australia with McLaren, Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes, while in race scenario may change. At this moment we can not take anything for granted and we must be cautious with negative judgments. The final ranking is about 9 teams in the top ten. Compacting to the top of ranking can generate surprises interesting as that of the Sauber who has placed Sergio Perez between Alonso and Hamilton. Until a year ago was fighting for seventh place and today represents the fourth power of the world. It could be an incentive for the Lotus Renault.
Perez is well worth a full 8, if not something more. He ‘s young and is in only his second season in Formula 1. He tried to put pressure on Alonso but the Spaniard will not be intimidated despite the dry had returned all the negativity of the machine. With the final pit stop Ferrari has regained those crucial seconds to put pressure on his opponent, who fell in a fettling four rounds of the checkered flag. Was in a position that generates voltage and adrenaline. Even McLaren and Red Bull will not be free of errors, the pits or on track. Errors that were fatal to the final result. The Mercedes showed its limits in tire wear. They will certainly work on the compounds and on long runs.
In the first eight I’m glad to see Vergne, pilot with great possibilities that shows what he is capable. It ‘s definitely one of the most promising riders arrived in Formula 1. Once again the last lap was fatal to Pastor Maldonado, which is proving a fast rider, although he lacks a little ‘luck. Williams is growing as evidenced by the sixth of the Seine and can be one of those teams that can be annoying. We have some nice surprises and some riders will upset the plans for the title fight. Fifteen riders at full speed is just a synonym for competitiveness and find nothing to back.
Felipe Massa is the first pilot not dubbed. In qualifying the Brazilian had limited the damage remaining in the traditional gap with Fernando, a 3-4 dec. Today a set of the negativity they charged a duty too great. I think the real value of the red is from the good performance of Fernando and Felipe dull side.
To date, however, the car that has surprised most in a negative way is the Red Bull and error in the pits and an excess of enthusiasm Vettel has compromised the result. The German course + a sample but this situation will consecrate the elite of famous. It must demonstrate not only a fast driver but also constancy that can respond and give the team the right information to get back to winning.
Gian Carlo Minardi