F1 – GP Malesia: Gain Carlo Minardi point

Minardi.jpg'The Malaysian Grand Prix has given us the first shotgun season license plate and the first Red Bull of Mark Webber seal. Instead comeback race for Ferrari and McLaren have had to deal with the wrong strategy.

FAENZA – We lived an interesting race with some overtaking. When there is a reshuffling of the cards on the table it is clear that the performance on the track increases, making the race more exciting. It will be interesting to arrive in China where we have five drivers encased in a few points. And the same Hamilton is less than nine points off the pace. Just in English has become the protagonist of a great recovery and a thrilling race that has awarded the sixth place finish. Then we move towards the European Grand Prix with a certain level of forces
Returning to Malaysia, Ferrari and McLaren have ruined their Sunday, giving de facto victory at Red Bull, with qualifying on Saturday afternoon, when they have completely the wrong strategy in Q1. After just three races is too early to draw a clear line that represents the potential of different teams, even if the couple Vettel-Webber seems to have something more than its opponents. The German made a great start having completed a good qualifying, but had to “sell” the front row and pole position to his teammate.
With a great start has been brought under the command of the race: when you start with 180 kg of fuel on board the gifts are out. We had been able to admire the weekend with the departure of Alonso masterpiece. Perfect race, then, for the Red Bull team, but Webber has something to complain about with his pit stop which was particularly long. Rather slow start for the team from Maranello, but in the second half failed to improve his rhythm. The withdrawal of a few kilometers from the finish Fernando did come less reliable, but for calculating the probability is rather a break with just two points on offer when you’re fighting for the victory.
As we mentioned at the beginning of the season, Nico Rosberg is getting to grips with his means completing qualifications and races to his height and that of the machine, creating hardships Michael Schumacher. Continuing on this path he could be the odd man out in the fight Red Bull-Ferrari, Hamilton permitting. Robert Kubica just that, although a car is shorter than those preceding it, you are defending very well, winning so far a haul of 30 points. In my opinion, this result was unexpected for both him and practically for the team to start the season.
To date, the real revelation is sure that Force India, with this fifth place Sutil, won precious points for the constructors’ championship, which sees them engaged in the fight for seventh place with the Toro Rosso and Williams. Just Sauber, with the withdrawal from racing in the BMW, is paying the property transfer and lack of sponsorship. Even as a couple of pilots is not the best and this will not be easy to improve. When I see them out of the fight for seventh place.
Progress also very important in the home of new entries, which have succeeded in mileage collecting valuable data to improve the performance of their cars. Performance at this time are still very distant from the rest of the group. Recover those seconds will certainly not be easy, but at the moment see the checkered flag is surely the most precious thing.
On the debut Hulkenberg you are defending very well: he went to fight on equal points and a team-mate Rubens Barrichello. Perhaps it is the only judge, as the others (Di Grassi, Senna and Chandhok) are a team with many difficulties. Liuzzi and Sutil are doing very well with them and also Alguersuari Force India – the ninth to finish – is recovering very well. Remember that just turned 20 years. Sunday has been shown to embarrass his friend and to fight for the top position of the ranking. Russia currently lacks the appeal of home Renault, Petrov, though in qualifying and last Grand Prix showed important things. Now will stabilize, showing its potential, especially when going to run on trails known to him.
Waiting for the fourth round of the season in China, I see a Red Bull slightly ahead of Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes, especially if they are not disturbed by reliability problems. When jumping curbs is practically perfect. However Ferrari and McLaren are not far off but they have better management strategies that will become increasingly important.
Gian Carlo Minardi