F1 – GP Melbourne: Gian Carlo Minardi's point

Minardi.jpg'The Grand Prix of Australia, the second leg of the world gave us the first win for Jenson Button at the wheel of McLaren, Ferrari and a good confirmation of the fragility of Red Bull. Extraordinary Robert Kubica, Webber insufficient, author of the incident with Hamilton in the final stage

FAENZA – Formula boredom? Certainly not in Melbourne where he played on the second chapter of the World Formula 1. We witnessed a beautiful and exciting race, which has handled the incident also had starring Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher, both authors of a good recovery. Alonso certainly a great, even without the mishaps of the little German home Red Bull could have been awarded the tender. Beyond this he completed a great comeback to reach the teammate.
Once again we were able to attend a Red Bull very high performance in qualifying, only to get in trouble in the long runs, particularly on the reliability. The order of arrival privileged world champion in office Jenson Button, author of a benefit from some seasoned attack risky choice, which was repaid as the anticipated transition to dry tires.
Ten to Robert Kubica who has completed a great weekend, managing to come in Q3, maximizing his car in the race without making mistakes. Certainly I believe that this result does not represent the true position in the Renault. Showed however that passes is done making a difference.
Well that Nico Rosberg has once again embarrassed his team-mate Michael Schumacher. Tonio Liuzzi just our goal, which led to his Force India in seventh place just over 59 seconds from the McLaren driver. Poor performance instead of Mark Webber on his final ruined Hamilton’s race with a stop at the limit. On that occasion Alonso was masterful with a detached which has destabilized the other two, leading Hamilton to the error and, consequently, the Australian.
It ‘was a grand prize to silence all those who had extern need to change the rules in favor of the show. There are sport rules combined with a technical regulation: the example is that Bridgestone brought two compounds that have embarrassed the team, creating instability and greater interest.
Will see a very interesting season with four top manufacturers, and others are ready to maximize each gift, as happened Saturday with the elimination of Lewis Hamilton by Q3, the benefit of Polish with Barrichello and Renault his Williams. In less than seven days in Malaysia with the temperature change could have a more complete picture of what will be the 2010 competition.
As for the new team are still far from everyone else. Kovalainen, the best of the lot, came with two laps behind, while Karun Chandhok, who saw the finish line for the first time, has a delay of less than 5 rounds. Up to De La Rosa with Suber instead are all full speed. Virgin, Lotus and HRT have a lot of work. The gap is certainly not due to the Cosworth engine, as Williams can get imported performance. It ‘s a question chassis, some of these cars have even moved their first steps in a straight race. Without having the ability to make private testing will be very difficult to close the gap over this season. Must work in optics 2011. I repeat: this situation should give pause to Mosley for the damage he has done in the past, burying those who were already a constructor, even if small.
These days, the FIA has reopened entries to assign the thirteenth place. What I wonder: they open the doors to a manufacturer of something very serious as it has been so far? We are really bordering on the ridiculous. Manufacturers now have access to F1 are very few. I hope we made a comprehensive analysis in all respects, as happened once with inspections at various locations to verify the type of structure available to the team. Today if you do not already have a department operating on the project in 2011, will never be ready for next season. There is no time to assemble the material, design and build an F1 car and a structure in just over 12 months ….
With this appointment, I greet you and give you seven days to comment on the Malaysian Grand Prix, the third leg of the World
Gian Carlo Minardi