F1 | Gp Singapore, THE POINT by Gian Carlo Minardi “A great pole was undone in a few metres”

It was a grand prix, the first run under the rain in Singapore, that ended after only a few metres from the start with the exit of Vettel, Verstappen and Raikonnen, three of the five protagonists of this year’s world championship.

An extremely negative day for Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton almost became a triumph since only the double was lacking thanks to Daniel Ricciardo the cannibal who is always capable of exploiting any chance that presents itself. Red Bull is a car that shows that it is at ease in these twisting tracks.

It was a very grave zero score for both Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari in view of the championship even though there are still six races before the end. The pile up was set off by the German who made what could be a fatal mistake and dragging in the blameless Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikonnen, the protagonist of a great start.

In a few metres the work of a fantastic weekend by the men from Ferrari and Vettel himself, the author of an incredible qualifying session, was undone. As I previously emphasized on a number of occasions this is a world championship conditioned by mistakes. The driver who makes the least errors will probably be crowned world champion.

For his part, Lewis Hamilton was skilful in managing the race without taking any futile risks, bringing home a win that was worth its weight in gold.

Carlos Sainz was also very good with the fourth place for Toro Rosso which is the first of the second stream teams. He was the author of a race managed with sheer grit which won important points for Toro Rosso in the struggle with Williams for fifth and sixth places. It was a Williams that played in defence with the young Lance Stroll.

Now we wait and see what the marshals will decide after having heard the three protagonists of the pile up at the start.

Gian Carlo Minardi