F1 – GP Turkie – Gian Carlo Minardi Point

red_bull.jpg'It was a long time since I watched a race so exciting. Before the crash between the two bearers of the house had four Red Bull cars packed in just two seconds. After this unpleasant incident as serious, Red Bull is likely to throw away a championship that is dominating right now, because of the reliability and the internal struggle between Vettel and Webber.

Chris Horner will work hard to restore peace within the team. Beyond competition – where the partner is the first opponents – the kids should keep in mind the economy of the team right now is great, with a McLaren definitely recovering. After the first two appointments, the Anglo-German team was also behind the Ferrari. I said, and returned to repeat today, that people who invented this famous F-duct them and they are taking advantage. The machine came with this system and the development goes hand in hand with the rest of the car. All other teams are trying to understand and evaluate their use. The same Red Bull, after the debut of the new system brought in Friday practice, decided to backtrack running in standard configuration.
Ferrari has always shown its ability to react to difficult times and so I hope they can get back on top. In fifteen days he will go to Canada, a historically favorable path to red when the brake system is very important, although development of the F10 is truly important. In qualifying shows the difficulty of red: Alonso and Massa to try to pull some rabbit out of the cylinder, are forced to run on the limit, even committing any mistakes. After Turkey became the fifth force even the world because you are inserting a gallop, also Renault, with Kubica who was ahead of Massa from first to last step. Even during the pit stops the horse has lost almost a “5 over its opponents. Today it is important to review several mechanisms. Most likely they were caught off guard by the F-duct.
Despite the accident, Red Bull is still the team to reference as shown by the new pole of Mark Webber, even if we are right behind Hamilton and Button. In just two seconds we had four cars. It was a long time that has not seen this kind of battle then also the two McLaren-bearers of the house we were delighted with a good brawl and a double overtaking very fair in which, contrary to what occurred between the Red Bull drivers, we are left not to obstruct the right spaces. This is sport. Returning to the accident between the two Bulls, in my opinion has underestimated the German team mate and even after the status did not expect to be only one third. Compared to last season, which was certainly not at the top by accident before the season, Webber is in good shape the last three races and scored more pole. Sunday was also in command of the race. And ‘if a pilot does not commit blunders is unlikely to lose this championship.
In constant progression, there is also the Mercedes, in small steps is improving its cars and the fourth and fifth place by Schumacher and Rosberg the peace and oxygen. Are missing only the two Ferrari drivers. Hopefully they can run away as soon as possible. The championship is still wide open, but there are really two teams at the top and will not be easy to beat. We are talking about a new package that will affect most of the car – including the rear – in the Grand Prix of Europe.
Right behind the top 5 was inserted Force India is doing very well. Adrian Sutil got his team valuable points and is monetizing the whole package that makes available to his team. In contrast, unfortunately, I’m seeing a Liuzzi in difficulty. Kamui Kobayashi very well that led Sauber in the points, giving oxygen and stimuli to Peter Sauber is experiencing a difficult adventure. Remaining among the pilots, good performance by Jaime Alguersuari, encouraged by the strategies. Over the last 18 laps he changed the tires going from hard to soft. The boy is growing, committing fewer errors than Buemi. Given his young age is certainly positive for the future and every race is winning the confidence of his team.
Good race for Petrov, who won in Monaco’s first points. It ‘very fast and somewhat’ unfortunate. And a pilot ‘very tall and heavy, and maybe this affects it. Is growing well but perhaps should not close Alonso, contenting himself with the ninth place. It is part of the errors of youth and experience. Slowly moving closer to his companion who is one of the fastest drivers in F1 that there are now.
Finally, the Istanbul Park is a track where the engine is particularly important and I believe that Williams has paid the poor competitiveness of the Cosworth engine. Certainly not the best competition they’ve done, but I would take it as a yardstick to judge. In a fortnight we go to Canada where McLaren will say once again his, because it has a well balanced car under braking, while the Red Bulls still have their problems in this respect. I hope and pray that the red can find something that allows him to cling to train the first two teams, but to see a title fight between Hamilton, Button and Webber-Vettel.