F1 – GP Valencia: THE POINT …. by Gian Carlo Minardi

valencia.jpg' Unlike past seasons the Gp in Valencia has been really amazing and we’ve seen an extraordinary Fernando Alonso showing all his self-confidence, especially in overtaking.
Ferrari team has been amazing as well, especially after a Saturday that could seem ruinous( even if it was only 3 dec far from the pole ). Good job also at pit stops, where mechanics made no mistakes in changing tyres.
This victory should be a great spur to keep on improving performances and struggle with no anxiety. In view of what happened to Vettel and Grosjean, the Italian team showed also a great reliability, which could be a “secret weapon”. Just the German driver, together with the four leading drivers, has been a protagonist of a good attack play. I don’t agree about the penalty imposed on Maldonado. It seemed to be a race collision, even because Hamilton was in big trouble with its rear-tyres. I think that the resistance he put up was absolutely meaningless and caused himself and Pastor a great loss of precious points. Until that moment the driver of McLaren was having a high-key race.

This time luck has been on Michael Schumacher’s side as he has succeeded in getting on the podium. This result could be a stimulus both for himself and for Mercedes team, who needed to score a double success after Rosberg’s win.
The Valencia Gp is the umpteenth proof of an open championship, where even second-range teams can grab important points. This season will be played on the razor’s edge. We’re nearing the first half of the Championship and we can’t see any particular car standing out. Many causes can influence final results.
Gian Carlo Minardi