Good bye Angelo….

rigon.jpg'These are painful days for Gian Carlo Minardi: at the age of 83, Mr Angelo Gallignani passed away. He was a sportsman and a good friend of the manager from Faenza.

The streets of Minardi and Gallignani crossed for the first time in 1974 when Mr the Commander, given the great results obtained one year before by the Scuderia del Passatore, run by Gian Carlo at that time and winner of the National Championship thanks to Gian Carlo Martini, decided to support the project of the team from Romagna through an important sponsor named Everest, which was a car accessories manufacturer. In 1976, because of the win of the F2 Italian Championship with a March-BMW, Gallignani decided to increase his financial contribution and the team name turned into Scuderia Everest. This title will be definitely changed into Minardi Team in 1979, the year of the official establishment of the Minardi Team itself.
Gallignani not only was my main sponsor at the time of Scuderia del Passatore, but he was above all a great friend of mine and a precious advisor. The relationship between the two of us was really good. He was in love with motorsport and ACI, which we both attended for ages. We shared also the same passion for vintage cars and we were among the founders of the CRAME (Romagna vintage cars and motors club). He had been the president of ACI Vallelunga for ages and, thanks to his contribution, the Roman track became one of the most important track in Italy” remembers Gian Carlo Minardi.
A person who gave his contribution to my personal history and to the history of motorsport, passed away. He was 83, but his way of thinking was really modern. Even nowadays he was able to speed up things. Talking to Angelo about our job was a great pleasure. Every week I asked him for advices. Unfortunately a fainting fit took him away too early”.
Good bye Angelo