F1 | Hungarian GP – Scorecards

Lewis Hamilton – 9 he responded brilliantly to the “detriment” he received from commissioners and handled the race very well, outdoing Nico Rosberg.

Nico Rosberg – 8 his pole position was special, even if he was helped by commissioners. Unfortunately, men always interpret the rules in a different way.

Sebastian Vettel – 8 he tried to attack Daniel Ricciardo as much as possible.

Daniel Ricciardo – 8 he is certainly reinvigorated. He conquered the first podium, defending himself very well from the German driver’s attacks.

Kimi Raikkonen – 8 even if he lost again the comparison with Verstappen, he was the maker of a great recovery, remedying a mistake that had relegated him in the fourteenth position. He recovered up to the sixth position in a race in which nothing was gave away.

Fernando Alonso – 7,5 throughout the weekend, he took his McLaren into the top ten. The time lap sequence was important.

Max Verstappen – 7 he would have deserved more without the “unfairness” towards Kimi. Once again, he proved all his grit and determination.

Carlos Sainz – 7 he continues not doing any mistakes, unlike the scarce Kvyat.