F1 | Circus comes to Mexico, while Sepang thinks to give up

Seven days after last double win of Mercedes at the US GP, F1 Circus is back at the Autòdromo Hermanos Rodrìgues, in its second edition after the restyle and his return into the world championship.

We go into a Motorsport friendly Country that twelve months ago hosted the comeback of the world championship in a great way, filling the stands. I hope that this trend can last long time because, unfortunately, we hear the death knell around F1. Last alarm bell comes from Malaysia, Sepang Circuit, whose promoters are thinking not renew the agreement.

It is a worrying signal because we are talking about an event backed by the State and not by the paying audience. In this moment, they don’t see the media feedback of the TV audience as a good investment for the development of their Country.

Being at 2300 meters above the sea level, the teams should work on the car balance because the thin air affects the aerodynamics, the setup of the control unit, and the carburation negatively. Moreover, the circuit has an initial long straight line, and a mixed part that also stimulates the mechanics with more than 5500 gearshifts during the grand prix. Last year, Nico Rosberg started a victories row. Despite the title was already attributed to Hamilton, the row keeps this season.  Twenty-six points separates Hamilton from the German driver with just three appointments to the end. To become a champion, Rosberg just needs, so to speak, a second place three times. There is going to be an amazing fight between the standard-bearers of a Mercedes that wants to break any records.

In spite of its announcements, I don’t believe that Ferrari can recover fifty-three points that divide it from Red Bull in the pursuit of the second place in the constructors’ world championship, and Daniel Ricciardo will start to celebrate his third place among the drivers.

As it happened in Austin, tires and strategies will have a crucial role. Pirelli will bring the SuperSofts for the first time along with the Softs and Mediums. Once again, Ferrari decided to bet on the softer tire compounds, bringing six sets of SuperSofts like Red Bull, one more than Mercedes.Five sets of Soft for Raikkonen against the four for Vettel, this last will have an extra set of Mediums in comparison with his team-mate (2 Mediums). Nico Rosberg prefers the white-strip tire compounds (Medium) with four sets. Hamilton will have three sets. We have to say that Mercedes proved to adapt to any solution very well. Same strategy for Ricciardo and Verstappen with three mediums, four softs and six Supersofts.

 We have just to watch the race that will start at 20.00 (Italian time).