Lewis Hamilton – 10 perfect both qualifying and race. He managed the whole weekend with calmness and serenity, despite the world championship pressure.  The Gran Prix  appointments are decreasing inexorably and  just three races remain .He comes from difficult weeks, but has reacted as a champion.
Nico Rosberg- 9 in spite of an imperfect start, he managed his emotions well, bringing home a perfect result for him, with other three second places, the World Championship will be in his hands.
Daniel Ricciardo – 9 very good in qualifying where he put his car ahead of his team mate. Very good at the start when he inserted his Red Bull between two Mercedes.
Fernando Alonso – 8 his race was amazing. He managed to handle his McLaren very well and signed a series of fast laps, improving his performances constantly. Important his overtakings on Massa and Sainz, that are worth the fifth final place.
Carlos Sainz – 8 in qualifying, conquering the Q3 he made a master-piece. Considering his 2015 Ferrari engine, a sixth place in race is important.
Sebastian Vettel and kimi Raikkonen – 7 giving a low mark would be difficult because their performances are proportional to the quality of their cars. They are doing their best with enthusiasm and determination. They are aware of the hard time at Ferrari.
Felipe Massa and Sergio Perez – 7 they could fight tenaciously and conquered important points. In the last race, they will compete for the fourth Constructors’ place.
Romain Grosjean – 7 he reached the point zone at home circuit.