F1 | Italian GP – Preview

The Italian Grand Prix will be characterized by high temperatures, so the choice of the tire compounds will be crucial. Last year, the race slipped away with just a single pit stop, but the presence of SuperSoft tires could determine more stops, even if the circuit is little abrasive. It will depend greatly on the temperatures and on the pressures imposed by the constructor.

Hamilton and Vettel have opted for a single set of medium tires, whereas their respective teammates have been tighter with two sets each one, like Verstappen and Ricciardo. Seven tire compounds of SuperSoft (in Monza for the first time) for Ferrari and Mercedes.

If at Spa-Franchorchamps, they touched 350 km/h, I am curious to see what will happen in the speed temple. They will have to pay attention especially in view of 2017, with regulations that will bring to a greater aerodynamic weight and more high speeds.

Be careful about Mercedes. I am almost sure that they want to show all their superpower in the Italian field and at Ferrari home. So far, they “have played” with their rivals, but what happened in Belgium makes me feel little serene. Thanks to a regulation, ridiculous and more, they  have homologated three engine for Hamilton making him pay  just a single penalty (he started at the bottom of the formation, gathering more than 60  penalty places) on a track where overtakings are possible, ending the race in the third place (thanks also to the yellow-red flags).Stopwatch in hand, the gap between Mercedes and Ferrari is great, in spite of many different announcements. At the 40th lap, Hamilton signs the best time in the race, 1:51.583 with Vettel stopped at 1:52.728 (35th lap), at that moment they were both struggling for recovering. 1:52 for Rosberg who was leading without any pressure.

At Ferrari, they will have to pay attention to Renault engines, especially to the incredible aerodynamic and frame of Red Bull.

Be also careful to Force India that could do well again, after the fourth and fifth Belgian places.

We will have the first confirmation with Friday’s free practice. Have a pleasant Italian Grand Prix.