F1 | Monza, Mercedes ready to show off all its power

«If I were a rival of theirs, I would be very worried about Monza Grand Prix». These are the first words of Gian Carlo Minardi who has been consulted by the website www.minardi.it for talking about the Mercedes performance in Belgium.

«We are at the last European grand prix in an already an already won season by Mercedes. So far, they have played with their rivals. In Monza, at the Ferrari home and on the Italian field, they are going to show all their potential. What happened at Spa-Franchorchamps, in my opinion, is just a preamble», the manager from Faenza continues referring to Rosberg’s solitary win and to Hamilton’s recovery, who speeding from the last position along with Fernando Alonso, went up to the third place. His win was also backed by favorable events (virtual safety-car and red flag following the frightening Kevin Magnussen’s accident) masterfully exploited by both himself and the team.

«It is a personal interpretation after observing the choice to homologate three engine for Lewis Hamilton, making him pay a single penalty on a very fast circuit, even thanks to a regulation that should be revised. The second clue is made of the chronometric results. At the same conditions, Lewis Hamilton has signed 1:51.583 (40th lap) against Sebastian Vettel’s time 1:52.728 (35th lap). 1:52 for Nico Rosberg leading the race».

«Mercedes has run very well the tires, in spite of the controversy with Pirelli for some pressures, as Hamilton stressed. In Monza the tires will have an important role, also due to the use of the SuperSofts that could contribute to reach interesting maximum speeds. At Spa they touched 350 km/h».

We will meet again in Monza. Experiencing this GP devoted to a Mercedes against everybody, watching the gap that it will be able to impose on other teams, will be very interesting.