F1, Italian Gp – The Point

The fast and demanding layout of the Monza’s track has stressed the only real Achilles heel of that technological jewel that Mercedes is: reliability. We have especially perceived this weakness watching the dissimilarities on the timetable.During Friday’s long run, Ferrari payed a 1-1,2”’s penalty to the Germans. Then, during Saturday’s qualifying, the time gap unbelievably descended to 3 dec.

Meanwhile we learned that Nico Rosberg had been forced to qualifying using a dated Power-Unit with 5 Gps and 4,000 km on the shoulders due to a malfunction in that super engine specially taken to Monza.
This also forced Hamilton to run in a softer mode. Despite this sword of Damocles, Vettel was constantly paying a 5”’s delay per round to the leader. Then this gap went back to over 1”in the very final when the engineers asked Lewis to push.

The mistake at the start by Kimi Raikkoner, maker of a wonderful recover, makes me think to a change in the strategy of “The Red” which had counted on the opportunity to put more pressure to the silver arrows.
This second place is certainly important both for Ferrari and fans who have celebrated Hamilton-Vettel-Massa under the podium inciting the circuit. A podium which confirms Maranello as the second force in the world championship, exactly ahead of Williams which has completed the podium with Felipe Massa in third places before his team-mate Bottas. The Brasilian has shown what he is made of.

Sergio Perez’s Force Indias have came back on top 10 looking for their validation and for the newly confirmed Niko Hulkenberg. Also the drivers of Toro Rosso have been excellent with Verstappen maker of amazing over-takings. Instead it has been a day to forget for Lotus which had been fighting in stormy waters, even if important communications about their are expected in the coming days.

But let’s talk about the “mystery” that has surrounded the race. Ater the checkered flag has been waved, rumors started about a possible penalty to Mercedes which would’t have followed tire pressure suggested by Pirelli. From this circumstance we can undestand to what the misterious communication to Hamilton in the final phases was due. Once again we are in front of a F1-caos event. For a change nothing is undestood. We talk about possible penalizations, but on what bases? FIA should demostrate that the use of a pressure lower than that suggested by Pirelli could have been Dangerous…

This week-end a lot of meeting about the post-2017 of Italian Gp at Monza have taken places. These meetings raise our hopes about a renewal even if talking about success rates is a bit premature.
Also Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has been present at the circuit in honor of the occasion.
I think we should defent this Italian stage, because it isn’t just a Lombardy Region’s event but an Italian know-how.