Vieira's champion comeback at Adria, despite the usual engine complications

It was a bittersweet week-end for Joao Vieira. Once again he missed out a sure podium due to an engine complication of his Tatuus #50. Since the opening race the Antonelli Motorsport Brazilian driver has been slowing down by motor unit problems that affected heavily and negatively his path along the Italian Formula 4 Championship powered by Abarth.

After signing the seventh place in qualifying, he started the fifth week-end gaining the second row in qualifying 2, thanks to the fourth Cronus just 2 dec from the pole position.
Unlucky the opening race lasts just a few hours forcing him to start from the 25th position in the 18’+ 1 round sprint race. Despite the entrance of two safety-cars, in a trail of just 2,702 km, Joao makes a wonder putting together 17 good over-takings in less than 10 laps with the green flag. With great determination, he was able to perform an outstanding comeback reaching the eight final place.
Straightened by this result he presented himself at the starting line of race 3 with the desire to go up the podium.
Meanwhile he was occupying the third place, the engine shattered any dream.“It has been a really discouraging week-end. Once again I narrowly failed the podium and once again it was because of the engine. Anyway I am very happy about the beautiful comeback in race 2. Making all that over-takings in a so few laps has been exciting”, Joao Vieira comments.

There ‘s not much to say about it except that Joao’s potential and technical value has been showed during the race. Move from 25th place to 8th , despite two safety car, in 19’ of race is amazing. Surely with a podium in race 3 the week-end would have gained meaning. Unfortunately once again we have been stopped by an engine complication. It’s frustrating. In any case, we don’t capitulate, we wait Imola with anxiety and desire of payback manager from Faenza, Giovanni Minardi, analyzes