F1 | Japanese GP – Preview

A week later Sepang events and the double win of Red Bull, Formula 1 comes to Japan on a historic and technical track like that in Suzuka, with few escapes, where every mistake is costly for the drivers. We comes to the home of Honda that strengthened by Alonso’s and Button’s performances in Malaysia, along with a growing McLaren, will try to conquer some extra precious points for a more satisfying 2017.

A special plaudit has to be done to the Japanese audience who always rushes in the the bleachers, proving a great love for the Circus and also for the Minardi Team. After Ayrton Senna’s passing, the audience had decreased, but the old splendour is back little by little.

This weekend we are at less than five grand prix away from the end of the World Championship with Nico rosberg ahead of a very nervous Lewis Hamilton. Post-Sepand declarations made by the English driver are shameful. Such attack towards his employer is unacceptable. The problem could be caused by some tests for the upcoming season, mainly regarding the lubricants.

At Ferrari Sebastian Vettel will pay a three places penalty on the grid for the contact at the start. It is the least he could get by the commissioners. Ferrari in this final season is showing all its limits, not just against Mercedes. In Malaysia, Kimi Raikkonen collected the maximum with the fourth place, and this was also sensed through the team-radios between the driver and the pit.

In terms of tires, Pirelli will bring the Hard compounds, Medium and Soft. Ferrari focuses strongly on soft tires with nine sets for Vettel and Raikkonen, against the eight sets for Hamilton and Rosberg and six at Red Bull. A different solution at Mercedes with three sets of hard and two of medium for Hamilton against two hard and three medium for Rosberg. Only one white medium tire compound for Vettel and three red hard. Two sets of hard and medium for the Finn. Another component could be the weather, still very variable with temperatures around 20 ° C and a chance of rain for Saturday.

There are all the features to enjoy an interesting race on a historical and technical circuit with several overtaking opportunities. We will have the fight at Mercedes with a nervous Hamilton,determined to take a revenge, and Ferrari compelled to react after Kimi Raikkonen’s fourth place and Vettel’s mistake at the start.