F1 | Japanese GP – THE POINT by Gian Carlo Minardi

Waking up at 7.00 in the morning was rewarded with a lively rich in overtakings Grand Prix, irrespective of DRS. It proves that whenever the Circus arrives into a real circuit characterized not only by difficulty but also by a risk factor, we experience an amazing race.

Once again, Lewis Hamilton missed the start, facilitating this way the breakaway of the poleman Nico Rosberg that handled the race without any risk, putting an important seal on that that could be his first world title. He brought his advantage on his team-mate to 33 points. A good booty that allows him to handle the result, arriving second for four times in as many races till the end.

The English driver, supported by an excellent Mercedes, was protagonist of a great recovery ended in the third place. A good performance that of Verstappen and of the duo at Ferrari, Vettel and Raikkonen, their performance in qualifying ( third and fourth place) have been due respectively to the mistake in Malaysia and to the gear shift replacement respectively. Otherwise, they would have had the chance to enter the fight for the second place.

We heard some driver complaining for the time lost in the lappings, but when you race on track at the limit of width in which it is easy to make mistakes, you have to consider this possibility. You can also recognize champions in this kind of situation. Who is overtaken by a lap is making his race and could be in scuffle.

Now, let’s go everybody to Austin before arriving to Mexico, Brazil, and Abu Dhabi for the great End.