F1 | Malaysian GP – THE POINT “Shame on the penalty to Rosberg. Vettel to be penalized*"

It appeared  an anomalous race, but Formula 1 has proved to be an unpredictable sport due to very high temperatures that affected the strategies and due to Hamilton’s debacle that has given us an amazing fight at Red Bull between Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen which ended with the win of the Australian driver ahead of the very young team-mate who had asked space.

At Sepang, Red Bull consacred itself in the second position of the world championship to the detriment of a Ferrari that fought with a single car, that one of Kimi Raikkonen. The first coupe de theatre happened few meters away from the start with the ruinous entrance of Sebastian Vettel. The Ferrari driver, in addition to ruin his race, has heavily conditioned the Sunday of Nico Rosberg who has had to recover from the bottom.

Now I am curious to see what decision the commissioners* will take against the Ferrari driver because, after the Spa-Francorchamps episode, he has damaged a collegue’s race again at the start.

It is shameful the penalty of 10” inflicted to Rosberg for his overtaking at the detriment of Kimi Raikkonen. It was a simple race-contact. If we start to penalize this kind of actions, we really want the death of Formula 1. Right now, there is a strong need of these duels. They are essential for survival. It is not the first time that commissioners have had an heavy hand against the german driver at mercedes, conditioning the world championship.

Too many times they use double standards. Fortunately, he managed to cumulate a gap against Raikkonen that was superior to 10” nullifying this way the penalty, and the reliability complication that affected Lewis made some justice.

A third place that transforms into important points for the world championship.

Good race for Kimi Raikkonen that finished in fourth. The Finnish driver made his best and this is the real Ferrari position.

It is to be framed Fenando alonso’s race who from the last row closed in the seventh place, proving that McLaren-Honda is growing strongly. A good business card for his home race scheduled in Suzuka next weekend.

Before the greetings, I want to congratulate Antonio Giovinazzi, new leader in GP2 Series with only another scheduled event. He won race-1 and achieved the fourth place in race-2 that was won by Luca Ghiotto ahead of Raffaele Marciello.

Unlucky weekend in GP3 Series for Antonio Fuoco, affected by a tire puncture.

So, it was a another positive weekend for ACI Team Italia.

*Commissioners, after the race, have penalized Sebastian Vettel who lose three positions on the starting grid of the Japanese Grand Prix.