F1 | Mercedes-Williams: an exchange Lowe-Bottas?

These are red-hot days in Formula 1, but especially at Mercedes which has to find a replacement not just for Nico Rosberg, but also for a winning technician like Paddy Lowe who, as we heard, has taken his way towards Grove.

We were aware that his contract was about to expire, but I didn’t expect a rift. Perhaps, some weeks ago a signal was sent by Toto Wolff when he declared that the team could count on a generational change to continue his positive result row.

Mercedes has exempted Lowe from the usual break of six-eight months. This could bring Bottas – a driver under Toto Wolff’s influence – alongside Hamilton and free an important place in Williams.

Do Alonso’s chances at Mercedes decrease?

Never say never. In this moment, Mercedes keeps all its doors open, in other words: the choice of a young like Wehrlein (who has taken part to Pirelli tests), the choice of a top driver or of a second driver (Bottas). Coming from an absolutely positive series, they are facing a not easy choice. Before of Rosberg’s flash announcement, Mercedes was evaluating some significant sport and technical decisions regarding Lewis Hamilton who pronounced strong words and assumed a behavior above the lines. Everything, anyway, has been overturned by Nico’s decision. As I have already said some time ago, if it was up to me, I would have no hesitations in turning the page and starting to write a new book along with a top driver. They have all what it takes for continuing to be leaders.

Williams – Who will be alongside Lance Stroll?

Wherever Lance Stroll has raced has won, we have to recognize it. His father has been very good at building a competitive team around him, and he hasn’t disappointed expectations. Many drivers, despite their economic support, have not reached certain results. Stroll has won Formula 4 in New Zealand and the International Formula 3. In this moment, Williams can count on a good economic return due to its good placement in the last years and with Lowe’s coming could venture in a middle term project for coming back to the glories of the past, by betting on a couple of young drivers. It could also become the Mercedes B-team at the detriment of a Force India hit by economic problems. We still have a Wehrlein on the market.