F1 | Mexican GP– THE POINT "Risible penalty to Vettel. Hamilton pardoned"

In this Mexican GP, the spectators are the winners in comparison to an often uncolored F1. In those countries where the Circus is back after several years of absence, formula 1 finds a passionate audience that believes in this sport, proving that this is still a significant show.

After 68 laps without great emotions, between the 69th and 71th passage, the race becomes hot with the fight Verstappen-Vettel-Ricciardo. The Dutch driver, with the aim to defend himself from the Ferrari driver’s attack, cuts the bend, and the Engineer orders him to give back the position to the German. The Red Bull driver continues his race with “Sab” who proves to be aggressive also in the team-radio, and is attacked by Ricciardo. The drivers have a slight contact – without any consequences for both of them – and keep their respective positions. The result is the follow:  a 5” penalization for Verstappen and Vettel on the podium.

The penalization to Verstappen is fair. Commissioners too often pardoned and favored him. Thus, Ferrari is back on the podium with an unhoped result after qualifying. The team-radio of the Ferrari driver proves all the tension within the stable that continues to suffer its rivals. Anyway, Vettel has been very good, displaying all his grit on the track, and achieving the podium for himself and for his team. The wet blanket arrives few hours later: a penalty of 10” to Vettel and podium to Ricciardo. In my opinion, it is an absurd decision. It was a simple racing contact. We are back to an old topic: if we penalize this kind of facts, we will bring F1 into the depths.

On the other hand, commissioners consider completely normal the chicane-cut by Lewis Hamilton at the start. Once again, commissioners had special consideration for a three-time world champion that wins the Mexican grand prix without any complications. With the second place, Rosberg makes another step forward to the world championship, a title that he only can lose. The Mercedes German driver knows that he cannot do any mistakes with just two remaining races.

I must congratulate Force India and Nico Hulkenberg. The fourth place in the constructors’ world championship is becoming a reality. An excellent result from a sporting point of view and financially.

In the next hours, we will analyze the penalization.