Focus on the Mexican GP – Minardi "They used double standards. The escapes routes are also guilty"

The fabulous spectators that painted the whole weekend of the Mexican GP don’t deserve a show like that of last Sunday. Within a few hours, three drivers have changed in the third step of the podium. From Verstappen to Vettel and in the evening, some hours later after celebrations, Ricciardo was in third position and the Ferrari driver at the fifth place (penalized with 10”).

What we experienced is the last proof of unclear regulations, and it proves the use of double standards.

The fault belongs especially to these modern escape routes, paved and grassy, that transmit an excessive confidence to drivers. We saw the first example of this fact at few meters from the start.

Lewis Hamilton, after his long-lasting braking, cut the bend, he was aware to find a “clear” path. In the presence of the usual gravel, he would almost surely run aground. Definitely, he wouldn’t have been back on track with a so significant advantage on the group. Probably, he wouldn’t even attempted the crossing.

The same for Max Verstappen. At the start, he leant against Rosberg – fortunately without any damages for both of them-,  he then didn’t find anybody to ram and went straight (without losing time), like Daniel Ricciardo. Under the new regulations – modified at five races from the end (and this is another nonsense) – Sebastian Vettel couldn’t change direction once surpassed the brake point, but, at the same time, the Red Bull driver – without the presence of the Ferrari driver – would have gone straight to the bend. He arrived with burning tires. Vettel had left the space to Ricciardo, as required by regulation.

Once again, they used two different evaluation standards since I don’t see many difference between the episode of Hamilton, Verstappen, and Vettel.  This  suggested me that they want reach the last race with the title still to be assigned at all costs, or that Vettel’s team-radio had a role in the final decision.

I disagree absolutely with Vettel’s behavior, because he insulted his colleagues and commissioners for the whole weekend. In my opinion, the radio is to be used just to manage the car and the race. Every other expression of opinion should be inhibited.

I am regretful by Horner’s behavior who defends his young driver energetically. It is a Team Principal’s task to teach calmness to his drivers, especially when you have a boy of 19 years old.

Formula 1 must decide to change direction. The audience is free falling as the reliability of this sport…