F1 – Mexican GP: THE POINT

The Mexican GP slipped away without strong emotions characterized only by a bad day at Ferrari where both drivers made several mistakes.Talking about the choreography, it was a beautiful grand prix thanks to 300.000 spectators gathered at the circuit with a very scenographic “stadium sector” even if the original big bend remains unique. Instead, there is nothing to report about the show on track. The lack of rain was felt.

Once again, Mercedes dominated the scene with its drivers. After the pole, Nico Rosberg brought the victory home winning his challenge with the new world champion by faster laps; also, he won his battle for the second place with Sebastian Vettel. “Seb” tryed to resist pushing over limit, but he payed the consequences heavily. Surely, the two standard-bearers at Maranello had a stressful day. Once again, Bottas and Raikkonen shown a contact. This time, the Ferrari driver had to retreat and clear out the way to Bottas’ podium. 

On the Red Bull front, the Russian driver proved his qualifying result and dominated Ricciardo. Maybe, If he had hastened his pit stop he would have worried Williams.With Verstappen’s ninth place, Toro Rosso succeeds in nibbling a point in the challenge with Lotus for the sixth place in constructors’ general standings. Once again, the Dutch driver was protagonist of a laudable race. Before dropping the curtain, there are only two scheduled events on the calendar. By now, the whole general standings is clear, only the challenge between Lotus and Toro Rosso, that will become money coming from TV royalties at the end of the year, is in the running.

Therefore, all the efforts will be focused towards 2016. McLaren itself has been using racing weekends with the intention to develop itself and to run kilometers in view of the next season when Haas team will debut with Grosjean-Guttierez as standard-bearers.