F1 | Minardi “Ferrari must think for the future”

We are only on the eve of the ninth grand prix of the Formula 1 world championship, but inside the factories they are already working on the vehicles for next season. From what I have been able to learn the Ferrari 2018 is truly getting along very well and there is an atmosphere of great optimism around the new project.

I hope that Maranello is also working on the drivers’ front as it would be a folly to continue the collaboration with Kimi Raikonnen. He is surely a nice guy, but his performance has not been constant. He is not a driver worthy of Ferrari and his team mate. In his career he has alternated between good and bad. With McLaren he lost world titles that were achievable and in 2007 he reached the title also thanks to mistakes by his opponents. In my opinion the moment has come for his to turn the page.

Sources from abroad announce the probable flight of flight of Sebastian Vettel (except for victory in the world championship) with destination Brackley, alongside Lewis Hamilton. At this point I would not exclude a return to Ferrari by Fernando Alonso, as long as within the team there are no longer the managers from three years ago with which the Spaniard had differences of opinion, to be accompanied by a second stream driver, or a young driver to grow.

I am a strong supporter of the line taken by Ferrari aimed at enhancing the value of those within the team and this could open the doors for a young driver already within the team structure. Ferrari must look to the future and have the strength to continue working to build a winning cycle. At the present time Mercedes remains the team to beat.

Gian Carlo Minardi