F1 | Minardi “I am curious about the Williams pair”

With the announcement from the Williams team that Sergej Sirotkin will be next to Lance Stroll Robert Kubica’s fairy tale ended, even though the Pole will in any case make his return to F1 world championship as the third driver for the team from the Grove.

The announcement was not exempt from much criticism from members of the F1 world, but Gian Carlo Minardi is going against the flow

“Despite being very sad that we were not able to see a driver of Robert’s calibre as a lead actor in the world championship. I will be curious to see these two young men in action,” commented the manager from Faenza in an interview by www.minardi.it.

With an average age of barely 22 Lance Stroll and Sergej Sirotkin will give life to the youngest pair of drivers on the grid.

“My DNA has always that of working with the young and therefore this choice gives me much pleasure, even if a team as important as Williams could pay the choice in terms of the car’s development,” continued Minardi who was able to follow closely the first steps of the young men in the world of racing cars.

“These two young men grew up in our territory and within the ACI-Sport championships and this must be a source of pride. Unfortunately there are no Italians and this must be an incentive to keep working.

“It is useless hiding behind a glass wall: behind Lance and Sergej there are respectively a wealthy father (Lawrence Stroll) and a Russian bank. Exactly what our young men are lacking. It will only be up to them to show that they deserve the place they are they are occupying,” concluded the ex-constructor.