F1 – Pierluigi Martini "I am working for a Minardi day at Imola"

Pierluigi Martini is the favourite driver by fans. In a challenge on fb that has involved all the drivers who have run for the color of Minardi Team during the twenty one seasons of the stable from Faenza in the F1 world Championship, Pierluigi Martini, 54 years old, has vanquished his competitors. “It could not be otherwise. Pierluigi has ruced with us more than 100 GP contributing to write in good part Minardi Team F1 story. Today we are still united by a strong friendship. He would have deserved to win more successes in his long careerGian Carlo Minardi comments.

He has raced for the Team founded by Gian Carlo Minardi 107 F1 GP in 119 bringing on track the first single-seater signed by Minardi Team in 1985. His path has gone on from 1988 to 1991 and from 1993 to 1995. Also the first point in a world championship has been signed by Pierluigi in 1998 in Detroit. After saying goodbye to the Circus, in 1999 he imposed himself on Le Mans 24 hours.

This year he has come back in a collectors’ Minardi cockpit. During Austria GP week-end he got behind the M185 wheel, while during the Goodwood festival of speed, Paul and Graham North’s M189 was back to rumble (see the photo gallery).

As soon as I have got in the cockpit I felt right at home. As if time had stopped running and I had got out from the single-seater the day before. My M189 was like a custom-tailored suit. Those car were very smaller than today’s F1 cars, and it seemed to be in direct contact with the asphalt. Moreover, your head was completely out from the cockpit and you had a great view. I have immediately remembered the good times spent with that car, but also the hard ones. The car was very rigid and it was crazy to drive. Small wheel, three pedals and manual transmission. If you were not physically prompt it was the car which drive you and not vice versa”. An enthusiastic Pierluigi Martini remembers. He said us that he has been working also for a new proposal.I am accomplishing the restoration of my M189. We are finishing the engine electronics and along with Gian Carlo Minardi I am planning to organize a Minardi day in Imola mobilizing all the Minardi people. A great day in a car racing circuit with all the F1 Minardi cars and more“.