F1- Red Bull and Toro Rosso: a different solution?

While F1 is at work for next Russian Grand Prix, all the technical uncertainties linked especially to Red Bull teams keep leading discussions. In effect, both Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso Stable are without an engine at present. However, also the driver market is ready to take its first steps.

ENGINES After criticizing Renaut engines, knocking at Mercedes and receiving the marching orders directly from Carlos Ghosn, now Helmut Marko and Christian Horner declare themselves scandalized because Ferrari would have offer them 2015 engines. However the puzzle gets complicated due to the rules that allows every engine supplier to supply a maximum of four stables. Haas and Sauber are already at Ferrari. So it remains Just a place for two candidates. It looks almost like the musical chair game.

Toro Rosso joined Renault in 2014 catching up with its “sister” RBR and mainly summing up its power. Therefore, under Regulation this collaboration could cease. So what roads Toro Rosso is supposed to take? “Honda knocked at Toro Rosso. A solution that could help the Japanese constructor, and therefore McLaren in developing its troubled Power-Unit. We do know that Honda is around Europe to make a technological shopping” Gian Carlo Minardi comments “.While we are talking, the World Council is going on. It could change the current rules that, among other things, limit each engine supplier to supply a maximum of four teams”.

Mercedes already supplies four teams, Mercedes, Williams, Force India and Maron that replaces Lotus. As said before, at Ferrari there would be a free place ( Ferrari, Sauber, Haas). Honda and Renault (that is going to come back as constructor purchasing Lotus) each have a team. “Now the ball passes to Ferrari and its President who has to decide if add a fourth customer. But be careful. On February 28th 2016 engines meant to be used in season will have to be deposited and frozen. Not being able to use tokens for developing their PU along the season, Official team and customers will have the same unlike this year. So I see the employment of 2015 PU as a difficult event”.

DRIVERS  Contextually to the engine-market, the driver-market could also enliven. Yesterday, Haas team presented the french Grosjean who said goodbye to Lotus leaving temporarily alone the already confirmed (thanks to his sponsors) Maldonado. The arrival of Renault could bring Enstone a top driver like Jenson Button who hasn’t clarified his future yet, whose place beside Fernando Alonso could be taken by Stoffel Vandoorne (who already revolves around McLaren). The arrival of Manor under Mercedes wing could also bring new names like Pascal Wehrlein.”In other words there is really many opportunities to take advantage of. We are waiting to know the news coming from the World Council. Moreover the Diselgate could affected the FIA. Volkswagen group is very involved in motor sport: Porche in WEC, Audi with WEC and DTM, beyond the Rallies for Volkswagen”. The manager from Faenza concludes.