F1 – Japanese Gp: SCORECARDS

Among several engine complications regarding Honda, Red Bull and Lotus/Reanault, let’s grade the protagonist of the Japanese Grand Prix along with Giancarlo Minardi.

Lewis Hamilton – 9 impeccable during the race, he was outclassed by his team-mate in qualifying. Once again he proved all the superiority of his Mercedes also scoring a fabulous fast lap, outstripping all of his opponents by over 1”.

Max Verstappen – 8,5 he started from the bottom for the second time, being able to recover up to the ninth place thanks to an intriguing pace and exciting overtakings. A result that was unhoped-for early in the race also due to the features of this Japanese circuit.

Sebastian Vettel – 8 excellent at the start where he out-passed Bottas. He brought home the best result for Ferrari in an unfavorable circuit.

Nico Rosberg – 7 the vote is especially linked to pole position achieved in qualifying. He seemed colorless and not so aggressive as a driver in his position should be. With that car, the second place is the worst result to aim at. He looked like resigned to have to be the second drive.

Nico Hulkenberg – 7 an important sixth place both for him and Force India. It is the proof that the fifth place in the Constructors’ standings is a result achieved on track.

Valterii Bottas – 6,5 at the start he was caught off guard and lost the challenge with his main opponent: Ferrari. He brings some points to William that proves itself third power in the world championship.

Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado – 6,5 in such a hard time for their team, both of them succeeded in getting into the points. A good strength trial for the two Lotus standard-bearers. Maldonado is already confirmed for the next season, and now the team could open its doors to Grosjean.

Haas Carlos Sainz Jr – 6,5 he lost the challenge with his team-mate, the first of all the opponents. He also made a levity entering the box and loosing some time for the replacement of the nose.

Fernando Alonso – 4 it’s a vote linked to his team-radio beyond his malice on track where he has steadily improved his times recovering the eleventh place. An inappropriate outburst especially because addressed to those who wanted him in McLaren. Honda delegated any decisions to his team that, according to rumors, would like to remove him through Ron Dennis. Surely it was an inappropriate outburst, but the fact remains that communications should be better filtered. It is the Fia itself that decides what team-radio broadcast. On this occasion an inelegant tool has been used to keep alive the attention on F1. This kind of facts make people talk.

Mercedes – 10 Pole position and victory with both of its drivers. They proved to have kept their bearings. They are again that perfect and unbeatable car they were before Singapore.

Ferrari – 8,5 with the third and fourth places they strengthen their second place among Constructors and with Vettel they achieved their tenth seasonal podium. A good result considering the technical features of Suzuki, unfavorable to the red.

Lotus – 7,5 despite the lack of liquidity and hospitality, the whole staff is working with the hope of a rescue by Renault. These points raise spirit and strengthen the sixth place.

Williams – 7it succeeded in qualifying but it raced below its capacity. In a circuit suitable for Mercedes Power-Unit like this one, I expected something more from them.

Toro Rosso – 7 they close the week-end ahead their “ cousins” at Red Bull proving to work usefully. I hope they could find an engine solution suitable for their development which allows them to continue their young line that makes us so much fun.

Red Bull – 5 besides not having confirmed the result in Singapore, they lost the challenge with Toro Rosso. Surely they are bothered by their engine complications . They are heavily paying their arrogance, especially towards Renault with which they won four world championship. As soon as they had some problems, they has felt free to heavily point their finger to the French constructor. An aggressive approach that surely alarms Ferrari and Mercedes. They should make an examination of conscience.