F1- Road to Bahrain

Minardi.jpg'The circus of Formula 1 are sharpening their weapons in view of the forthcoming World Cup, running on the track in Jerez de La Frontera, before moving to Catalunya for the last rehearsal before the debut in Bahrain.

The difficult weather conditions do not allow us to draw an accurate picture of the real forces in the field, as he, himself, Gian Carlo Minardi, reached the microphones of Minardi.it to analyze the outputs of the first teams “In this moment it is very difficult to put a picture that represents the real value of the teams that are leading the Spanish text. Unfortunately the weather has and is continuing to influence the debut of all cars. The opportunities for dry track were really very few.
In the final standings are too many variables come into play, such as the fuel load on board each car and the amount of water present on the runway at the time of the single best performance. The one that jumps the eye is certainly the high reliability achieved by the teams, something very important especially in view of the first exit in Bahrain and Australia.
It ‘difficult to determine what will be the main actor, considering that there will almost certainly top four teams like Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes and McLaren. I am particularly confident of what you might guess by looking at the car’s times from Alonso and Massa, mainly because they managed to is allow a lot of miles in different configurations, without blaming any particular problems. I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of the cars of the Sauber team that has a very interesting project. They managed to marry very well the driver of Ferrari and, therefore, could be the fifth to sixth power of the World.
In the last week of testing, scheduled on the track in Barcelona (25-28 February) the teams are almost forced to play cards face up, to try the latest news before leaving for Bahrain. At that point, we could make a first assessment. “

To date, only two – Lotus and Virgin – the four new entries were submitted and tested their cars, with the main purpose of accumulating experience and collect data ahead of the debut. The situation with Adrian Campos and the American team USF1 is increasingly difficult, even if you can read what Colin Kolles should take over the shares of the former Minardi driver. This situation could help the team Stefan GP “In my view at least one of two teams that still is missing is not the game. From what we can read Colin Kolles should take over the shares of Campos and bought the F1 project developed by Dallara, the de facto exclusion of Spanish.
Following these incidents, we can say that the evaluation for the selection of new teams of the now former president of the FIA Max Mosley has identified lack of detail and careful. “