Minardi.jpg' Green light for Minardi.it. With the first official test on the layouts of Valencia and Jerez, Formula 1 has opened its new season, and punctual as always, will arrive in the coming days, the extensive comments, signed by Gian Carlo Minardi

For this season Gian Carlo Minardi will make available to all fans of his extraordinary experience, accumulated during its first 35 years in motorsport, commenting through the columns of the portal Minardi.it all news related to the racing world.
To begin …. Formula 1 with the analysis of such tests in Valencia and Jerez, and then move on to Formula 3 Italy, the neonate Championship Formula Abarth ACI-CSAI and news on the Minardi boys Davide Rigon, Daniel Zampieri, Gabriele Lancers, Luca Casadei and lady Alessandra Neri
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