F1 – Road to…Russia

F1 has returned to Russia for the second time. Surely the first edition of this Grand Prix didn’t enter into the annals of history as the most engaging race, but this year things could change also thanks to Pirelli who has chosen to bring the Soft and Supersoft tyres. We expect to clock better times of 3 secs.

Unless cataclysms, It will be another Mercedes week-end, indeed they  could already gain the Constructors’ World Championship title. Regarding drivers, for Nico is really the last chance. Hamilton has a psychological head start, five second places would be sufficient to be again the champion. Behind theirs back we should find Ferrari (at ease with these tyre compunds even if temperatures will be around 15-20°C) that will have to look over its shoulders not only because of Williams, but also because Red Bull and Lotus. I hope Enston’s team has found a final solution with Renault in order to plan their future at their best and close the season with greater confidence.

We are talking about an half-urban circuit with 18 bends (12 on the right, 6 on the left) characterized by the most long bend in the whole world championship that puts under stress the tyres. Approaching the last part of the season, the forces at play are almost outlined even if Ferrari must keep improving to get closer to Mercedes. They can’t lower their guard.

Behind the curtains, the negotiations will go on because Red Bull and Toro Rosso are still without an engine.Time begins to run low even f they have the resources to recover lost time.Last rumor  talks about a Toro Rosso very close to Maranello’s Power-Unit and a Red Bull that would have reopened its negotiations with Mercedes trying to bypass Toto Wolff. It’s time to clarify.