250th Gp: Congrats 'Nando

In a season stingy of results, with the upcoming Russian Gran Prix, Fernando Alonso will accomplish an important goal: 250 Grand Prixs in F1. 

I am really happy for Fenando and his important goal. I am glad I started his career. I wish that his 250 Gp could be an auspice to reach the goals he wants”. 

It has been 14 years since that young Spanish boy (only nineteen) embarked on the Motor-sport Olympus thanks to Gian Carlo Minardi who after seeing him in action strongly wanted this boy on his team with which Alonso debuted in F1 in 2001 at the wheel of a PS01.The first contact happened some years before, in 1999, on the occasion of the first test-prize ( for having won the World Series by Nissan) at the wheel of Minardi team single-seater on Jerez track.In 2000, simultaneously with his engagement in F3000 Championship, Alonso starts to work with Minardi team.The most important test was surely in Fiorano, where he signed lap times so important to attract the attention of Ferrari. In that moment his price started to rise.