F1 – Silverston at risk. Minardi "I am astonished"

We don’t learn now, but the news upsets us because it represents an alarm bell for the F1 world. Silverstone has delayed the payments due to Mr. Ecclestone. The future of historical Motor-sport is now strongly questioned.

After Germany and Italy, also England risks to lose its F1. We have consulted Gian Carlo Minardi who raced a lot of Gps with his Minardi Team. “I am really astonished. I was aware of the difficulties at Nurburgring and Monza circuits, but if a circuit like Silverstone is in trouble, something doesn’t work. In the last few years, exactly during the Gp, this English sport facility has had a record audience. If a theater can’t earn a living with its shows, we have to revise the rules of the games. In my opinion impoverish who organists the show isn’t fair” manager from Faenza analyzes.

Like the Italian Gp also the English event doesn’t enjoy the Government support. In the last few days, in addition to Mr. E., also Mr. Patrick Allen, managing director of the circuit, has sounded the alarm. “At present I can’t guarantee for the future of Gp. We would need someone willing to invest in the circuit. Give up the Gp would be very sad for the Great Britain and for the whole Motorsport”. Thanks to “F1 Mister”’s intervention  2016 edition won’t be at risk. “They will pay the next year for this year’s race. I personally authorized them, otherwise they would have closed by now”.