F1 – Singapore Gp: SCORECARDS

After Sebastian Vettel’s great victory for Ferrari and the debacle of Mercedes, let’s grade the protagonists of this Gp along with Gian Carlo Minardi.

Sebastian Vettel – 10 his week-end was absolutely perfect. He missed just the fastest lap. In qualifying he was more stunning than in race. He made a voluptuous, encyclopedic, textbook lap.

Daniel Ricciardo – 9 with certainly not perfect Red Bull he was able to make a good leap ahead. He was also helped by tires and by the circuit layout that wasn’t severe with his engine.

Max Verstappen – 8,5 despite his mistake at the start he was able to recover giving us amazing over-takings once again.

Carlos Sainz Jr – 8 there is no doubt. Along with his team-mate he has been proving to deserve this F1. Along with Max, he brought important points to Toro Rosso.

Daniil Kvyat – 7,5 he did well on Friday. His qualifying was good while he lost a bit his way during the race even if he brought important points to Red Bull Racing with his sixth place. He was overtake by his team-mate in standings.

Lewis Hamilton – 7 he did very well especially after his changing tires where he kept the leaders’ peace. Unfortunately he was betrayed by the reliability of his Mercedes.

Nico Rosberg – 7 thanks to Hamilton’s retirement he gained 11 points in standings. A good booty at such a crucial time of the season. He reopened the championship even if he will have to pay attention to Vettel.

Valtteri Bottas and Sergio Perez – 7 respectively in fifth and seventh places. The standard-bearers of Williams and Force India optimized the material at their disposal.

Alexander Rossi –  7  debutting in such a demanding circuit like that in Singapore is certainly not an easy task, but the American at Manor proved to match up with the world championship.

Kimi Rraikkonen – 6,5 he did his little homework. Given the conditions of this week-end the third place was the minimum result and it was what he gained. Surely the third place gives Ferrari important and valuable points for the Constructors’ World Championship, but once again the comparison with his team-mate is merciless.

Fernando Alonso – 6 in qualifying he was able to recover, but he could nothing against the unreliability of his McLaren and its Honda engine. Japaneses deserve a severe low mark.

Ferrari – 10 with a result gained o track. In such conditions the car proved to be very strong. They failed nothing, also managing restarts very well.

Red Bull Racing – 8 a great recover, but we are talking about a singular circuit where the engine hasn’t to give its maximum. As happened in Hungary, at lower speed Renault do its better.

Mercedes – 6 I believe this week-end can remain just a bracket in an interesting season. Certainly, they panic under pressure making some mistakes.