F4 – Crash at 200km/h for Vieira at Imola. "Luckily I feel good"

The sixth and penultimate event of Joao Vieira’s Italian Formula 4 Championship at Imola was affected by a bad accident at over 200 kmh in the vicinity of the Tamburello bend.
The Brazilian Antonelli standard-bearer was quickly carried to Hospital and underwent medical examinations to evaluate possible injures to the back.

Luckily, Vieira didn’t receive serious damage except for a strong backache. Now, he wants rapidly forget this week-end. “The shock is over.  Luckily I feel good even if I still have a strong backache it’s the comment of Joao Vieira who will continue the medical checks in the next few days. “There is not much to add. I am happy because all things considered, especially how the car is destroyed, I got lucky. I really hope to get again in the car for the last event at Misano”.

For Joao it has been a catastrophic week-end. He has been involved in accidents in both races and the consequences could have been much worse than they are. Luckily while the rest of the car shattered, the body resisted very well. In the next days Joao’s checks will go on. We wants to come back at Minoan circuit. It could have been a positive week-end to us but it eneded with nothing. Moreover Commissioners have been too prudent with who caused the accident manager Giovanni Minardi analyzes.