F1 | Spanish GP – SCORECARDS

The highest Sunday’s grade can only be his:

Max Verstappen – 10 a perfect race. In spite of Kimi Raikkonen’s pressure, he showed cold blood and drove well without the slightest imperfection. He managed to react very well to the change of team. Red Bull backed him with a different strategy compared to that of Ricciardo, favoring the commercial aspect.

Daniel Ricciardo – 9 he deserve this mark considering the misfortune of a tire puncture during the last laps. They used a different strategy trying to confuse Ferrari.

Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel – 8 they ended a difficult race in which all the complications of Maranello appeared.

Carlos Sainz – 8 the driver at Toro Rosso was protagonist of a very admirable race that ended with an important sixth place. In the first laps, he was behind his Red Bull relatives. He wasn’t intimidated by the choice of the mother house and responded very well.

Daniil Kvyat – 7 for encouragement. He must absolutely recover from the shock that could definitely jeopardize his career. In Toro Rosso, he will have the chance to find again tranquility and show his qualities.

Jenson Button – 7 despite a McLaren-Honda problematic in race, he gained important points.

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton 4 – with a so embarrassing technical supremacy, they cannot take the liberty of throwing away everything at the third bend. In my opinion, Nico has the 49% of the guilt. Hamilton, a three times world champion should have waited. Mercedes Management will have to sort out its two just reconfirmed drivers.