F1 | Spanish GP – THE POINT

A Spain Grand Prix that since first meters gave us an unpredictable emotion with the contact between Hamilton and Rosberg that put the both Mercedes offside. We can split the guilt almost in equal parts (51% to Lewis, and 49% to Rosberg) although it was absolutely to be avoid, considering their supremacy in qualifying.

The Management of Mercedes will be able to overcome this moment of tension as it already did in the past, also because they have no competitors on track. The contact increased the show on track with an amazing struggle between Red Bull and Ferrari played on strategy.

The different strategy used by Verstappen and Ricciardo is the proof that the commercial aspect was favored, anyway, the amazing victory of Max will remain in the annals. He drove magnificently without mistakes despite a determined and combative Kimi Raikkonen. The very young Dutch driver wasn’t overwhelmed by the events, despite a demanding week. Red Bull proved to be strongly growing. The tire puncture at the end of the race prevented Ricciardo from trying the final attack against Vettel.

Ferrari that had arrived here with the aim of winning, failed. It didn’t succeed in exploiting a golden opportunity despite a Kimi’s and Vettel’s podium. The Finnish grasps the second place in the world championship behind Rosberg who leads the standings, but in Maranello there is a lot of work. We had the first signals in Sochi.

Noteworthy is the sixth place of Carlos Sainz who was able to overcome a difficult moment. I wish him a bit more luck, he is a fast driver with his head on his shoulders

Let’s see what will happen in Monte Carlo.