F1 -Year-end fireworks. Alonso towards Enstone?

I become wild-eyed when Horner declares openly that the supremacy of Mercedes has to be controlled because it damage F1 interest., rr when a Boulluer says that the Circus is just for who can afford it. I would like to remember to  these Motorsport gurus that they did not complain when Red Bull had dominated the scene for four consecutive years (Mercedes was at its second season) and that without the difficulties at little Manor, McLaren would have been the last” Gian Carlo Minardi states on www.minardi.it and recalls that the World Championship has always been made by cycles.

History tells about supremacist signed by Williams, McLaren, and Ferrari till Red Bull and Mercedes ones. Till the little teams have closed the starting grid, big constructors have animated the scene. As soon as they have remained in the back of the row, because the little teams started to close or to guess the right arrangement of a race, the big teams, like Toyota, BMW, Jaguar and Honda, have escaped. Listening to these opinions, I have the impression that F1 is not organized by great professionals” the manager from Faenza continues underling the importance of an intervention on rules to give some stability that will enable everybody to race by promoting fairness in the distribution of awards. Spending over 400 million having a team made of 1000 persons to build two cars is absurd. Like it is crazy paying 25 million for the Power-Unit, only few years ago engines price was 5-6 million. Today, 20 million make the difference and it is difficult to find them in the market”. According to the numbers, today’s F1 isn’t a great investment as in the 90s when it assured the company an unequaled economic return.With clear projects and freedom “of creating”, we would be able to find out alternative solutions. Also the little teams would be able to carry ingenious solutions on track”.

There are chatter that distract from the moves behind the curtains that especially concern a very active Renault in the market. With the purchase of Lotus and their return as Constructors, the trans-alpines have all the interest to reinforce each of their departments. They are looking for human resources, technicians, and drivers. President Carlos Ghosn is working to tear Fernando Alonso out from Honda”. To the Spanish driver it would be the third return to Enstone.Despite the confirmations that Pastor Maldonado and Jolyon Palmer received in the last weeks, they won’t be able to sleep very well. Maldonado can count on Venezuelan assets that are useful to the team. Palmer’s situation is more complex. Informations coming from France confirm this path, even if it is not an easy solution. On Management front, as rumors confirm, Renault seems like to bet on Alain Prost as Team Principal”. The four-time world champion with McLaren and Williams will have decisive responsibility within the team. Without having any shares, as it happens at Mercedes with Toto Wolff.