Gian Carlo Minardi "Abrupt action, due to economic-financial reasons"

From October the 13th, after 23 years, a new era will start at Ferrari’s. The current CEO of Fiat-Chrysler, Sergio Marchionne, will replace Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, in command of the “Red”.

The change at the top, that will take place, in fact, the same day in which the FCA quotation is expected to be listed on Wall Street, was already in the air, but it has accelerated sharply. “I’m personally very close to Mr. Montezemolo, as he was the first interlocutor that has led me to meet Enzo Ferrari. The summit change was in the air and it finds its motivation not so much in sports results as in economic and financial aspects, which are certainly related to the entrance of the FCA Group in Wall Street“, Gian Carlo Minardi comments on the web site ( “The Turin brand needs to attract interest in the United States, showing great strength. It’s easy to imagine that the result will be achieved with a great image effect. At the moment, Ferrari is the best brand in the world! In any case, we must not forget that nowadays all the F1 teams – Williams excluded – are run by managers, who have to refer to a Board of Directors, whose goals are primarily economic and in the membership group’s interest. It is treated, in any case, of an abrupt action, against a person who, for over twenty years, has achieved significant results on all fronts, from sports to economic ones”, the manager from Faenza continues.

Montezemolo-Marchionne turnover has already created a first and unexpected movement within the company. “Roberto Fedeli, key-man of production, has moved to BMW“. Therefore, an important task is now up to the new President: to create a new winning cycle, bringing serenity within the environment. “Now, lets hope that the choices that have been made can restore serenity and enthusiasm to the Team. Ferrari lacks for nothing to return to the top. They have people and facilities, but need more investments in technology sector; Power-Unit is the main Achilles’ heel of F14-T“.